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Vamos de viaje…

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I am so excited, and a little nervous, to get this started! I have been on the blogs of so many other teachers over the years, and have found them so useful. So, I thought it was time for me to share a few things too!

I have taught in a dual language classroom, in a bilingual classroom, in middle school and high school Spanish classrooms teaching native English speakers and native and heritage Spanish speakers. I also spent a few years teaching ESOL at the college level.

Most recently, I have been working over at CI Liftoff writing curriculum and coaching teachers in the Stepping Stones curricular framework.

I hope that my experiences may be able to help encourage other educators! So…¡vámanos de viaje!

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My Current Situation

So, you have made it this far! Thank you for coming back!

What is my current situation?

  • Middle school Spanish 2
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers 1
  • Spanish for Native Speakers 2/3

I am currently using CI techniques in my Spanish 2 class. I am LOVING the changes and progress I am seeing in my students every day! INPUT is the key to success!!! I began in a school where textbooks and grammar were used, and I was not supported in the change. I am so grateful to now be in a school where we are given the freedom to embrace techniques which support comprehensible input.

With my native and heritage speakers classes, I am taking more of a Spanish Language Arts approach. I have a VERY wide variety of levels in both English and Spanish in both of these classes, which can be quite a challenge. I am hoping that getting my thoughts down here and hearing from all of you will help build a community where we can be supported by each other!