A Quick Winter Story Activity

As we count down to the Winter Break, these students are getting ANTSY and teachers are getting TIRED! So, I created THIS short story activity. The example is in English, but you could use this for ANY language.

There are LOTS of possibilities with this assignment. I created a Spanish version and a Beginner Version of both English and Spanish already done for you in my TpT store, but you can totally do this on your own.

For beginners: Give them sentences already written and have them put them in order. OR, have them describe the people and places by listing words and labeling the things in the pictures.

For intermediates: You can scaffold by giving them some sentence starters or a word bank and having them write sentences for each box. You could also have them do the beginner activity and then level up by having them add more sentences to the story.

For advanced students: You can have them do all of the above. You could have them describe the boxes one by one to a classmate and have the classmate draw what they hear. You could have them complete the above as a mentor text and then have them create a story of their own using the example.

So many variations! I hope this might help at least keep your students engaged and working for at least one class period!

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Happy Teaching!

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Holiday and Winter Vocabulary Activity Ideas

This time of year, there is no tired quite like teacher tired!

If you are anything like me, you have 10 days left of school and are counting the minutes some class periods. I do like my students to learn a little of the vocabulary they will be seeing this time of year. I have included some Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and generic winter vocabulary in THIS slideshow, so your students can learn about them all! I have also created another I have, Who has game with this vocabulary, which can be found on my brand new TpT store (link HERE). Or, you can use the template I left in an earlier post HERE and make one of your own.

This is a great starter activity, and can be used to introduce the vocabulary (just insert text boxes with the words in the language you are teaching). It can be downloaded and used to create a Gimkit, Blooket, Kahoot or Quizizz activity. It can also be used as an interactive activity by having students write a short sentence using the word on the slides or in the speaker notes.

As a level-up activity, you could have students choose any 8-10 slides (or more or less depending on your teaching context) and have them place them in an order they can tell a story with. They can even do this in pairs to make it more fun, and then you can have story time.

Hope you can get some use out of this slideshow in some capacity and it makes at least one of these last 10 days a little easier. Hang in there! We are ALMOST there!

Happy Teaching!


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