Easy Summary / Retell Strategy

As I get into the Narration Cycle of the Stepping Stones Curricular framework, I find myself having trouble getting my students to give me a complete summary of the stories I tell, the stories we read or the books they read independently. They always leave something out.

I have also noticed, working with 4th grade bilingual students, that students struggle with this concept in their OWN language. So, I created THIS easy Google Slides presentation (Spanish and the bundle can be found on my TpT store) to walk them through it step by step.

You could print it out and have students write on it. You could use it as a whole class lesson. You could assign it to table groups after reading a story at their level in the language. You could even assign it individually as an assessment. There are SO many possibilities!

Hope this inspires you to get students talking and writing with stories!

Happy Teaching!


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Lucky Duck – A Cartoon Story

It’s the “lucky” time of year with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner! So, it is a perfect time to use this Cartoon Story to engage your learners.

HERE is the link to the PDF

You can use this story to help students tell a short visual story aloud OR have them write what they think each box is about.

You could have students make it up in groups or with a partner and have them share with the class.

You could cut up the pictures and place them around the room and have students add a sentence below each picture on a Gallery Walk.

You could make a listening activity and mix up the pictures, then allow students to work on putting them in order according to the story they hear you tell.

Honestly, this has SO many variations! Have fun telling these LUCKY stories! Share what your students come up with in the comments!

There are also two stories with Story Scripts on my TpT store HERE if you are interested in a companion story and possible script.

I hope this helps with some ideas for teaching these required vocabulary sets and/or topics while keeping lessons focused on communication!

Happy Teaching!


Find me on Instagram (@SraKSpanish) , Facebook (sra k Spanish) and Follow my TpT store as I build more resources!