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Have you ever heard of Patreon? I hadn’t either until recently. It is really cool though! It is a membership site where you can easily sign up and become my “Patron.” You do NOT have to learn a new system or figure out a new app. You simply sign up with your email, decide on a membership level and enter your payment information. Then, you get a welcome email from me, a fun week of plans and materials as a “thank you” from me to get you started and YOU ARE IN!!

**(If you want to just buy the whole school year membership, you only need to email me at and I will get you pricing and sign you up to receive your subscription via email each month. Yes, there is a small discount for choosing the whole year!)**

Then, each month you are a member, you will continue to reap the benefits. There are three levels of membership: Starter, Pro and Premium. You can get resources I have created for language learning classrooms. They can be used for any level and easily leveled up or down. I have even included a short video about every single resource with an explanation of the resource and ways you could use it in your classroom. I will also be doing live planning/coaching sessions for these resources each month for those who choose the Pro or Premium membership.

As an added bonus, if you choose the whole year subscription up front, I will also give you a link to set up a private, 30-minute coaching session with me.

This Patreon platform allows me to send you Patreon messages and even livestream “watch me work” sessions where I show you how I create some resources and plan lessons live.

I know you are super busy, since teaching is just a LOT these days, so I really appreciate you reading this far and considering joining me on this journey. My only goal is truly to create some things that make your life easier!

Hope to see you all over on Patreon!

Happy Teaching!


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Beat Technology Fatigue! No Tech Required…

It seems that ever since we went virtual out of necessity at the start of the pandemic, we have made most things digital. That is okay for lots of things, but I find more and more that kids are burnt out on technology. That may not be true for your students in your teaching context, but it is my reality right now. So, how can I address this tech fatigue??

One thing I did a few weeks ago was play the old game “Dots and Boxes.” I wasn’t sure how it would go. To be honest, I had a back-up Gimkit game all loaded and ready to go just in case. Much to my surprise, it was a HUGE hit!

The digital version of this can be found on my TpT store.

So, what did I do? Well, I reached back into my archive of worksheets that would review the concepts we needed for the assessment. Some were reading worksheets with questions about the reading (reading). Some were fill in the blank worksheets with targeted vocab and grammar required by my district (writing). Some were questions that had to be answered aloud (speaking). Some were based on a podcast and/or video they had to watch and listen to in order to answer the question. I briefly explained each page (I gave them 5) and then explained the game like this:

First, you start with a blank grid of dots.

Then, you allow one person to connect two dots to make one line.

Then, the next person must connect two dots, making a line.

This continues until there are are enough to make a box.

If you draw the 4th line that closes the box, you get to put your initials in that box.

This continues until all boxes have been made.

The winner is the one with the MOST boxes with initials.

The dots that you draw can be on your whiteboard or you can project the image above.

So, you have the worksheets, you have the grid…how do you put it all together? Great question! What I did was first project the image above on my board. Then, I passed out a packet of the worksheets. I sat in a central part of my classroom where I could watch what was happening and I got a self-inking stamp (this will save your initials a million times in one day). Once students finished a couple of questions, they could come to me to check. I told them they had to have 5 questions completed on the worksheets or have one of the speaking prompts ready to go. If they were all correct, they got a stamp on their paper (made grading easier when I chose which one to grade) and they got to go draw a line. They could NOT draw a line until they were all correct. If even one was incorrect, I sent them back. This infuriated some, as I wouldn’t tell them which was incorrect. It made for some great group work though! They were ALL engaged and trying to win another line!

It was fun, engaging and they learned and problem-solved a LOT! Win-win.

I hope this helps with some ideas for teaching these required vocabulary sets and/or topics while keeping lessons focused on communication!

Happy Teaching!


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Another “Fun with Vocabulary” Listening & Speaking Activity

So, everyone knows teaching required vocabulary can be dry and SUPER boring for students AND their teachers. I posted earlier in THIS post about one way I was working through some vocabulary required by my district in a more engaging way and incorporating listening and speaking.

Well, I am teaching some restaurant-related vocabulary now and decided to do the same kind of activity since it was super popular last time. So, HERE is the activity I call, “What’s on the Menu?” I have included some common foods you would find at restaurants, but it is super easy to insert your own too! I hope this helps some of you make this a less painful vocabulary lesson! Remember, if YOU enjoy the activity, they will too!!!

I hope this helps with some ideas for teaching these required vocabulary sets and/or topics while keeping lessons focused on communication!

Happy Teaching!


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