An Easy Way to Use Authentic Resources to Celebrate Culture

Happy Tuesday! I am super excited to share this with everyone! I am not sure about your teaching context, but it seems lately I am being encouraged to use more “authentic resources.” Now, I won’t get into a big pedagogical debate here (I do have thoughts about this for novice learners), but I work in a district that really pushes the use of almost exclusively authentic resources. So, I needed to work on some way to deliver authentic material, yet still offer opportunities for scaffolding. I had been to some workshops that taught different strategies that I loved, and I use the Stepping Stones Curricular Framework, but I teach three levels, so I needed something I could easily level up or level down.

I knew there had to be a way to do this and still teach cultural materials. In the Stepping Stones Curricular Framework, these fit perfectly into Cycle 2! So, I started working on a series of materials using authentic resources. I am calling them Cultura Impactante (mainly because the title uses cognates–so, it might change….) The types of resources I have compiled so far include Gente impactante (Impactful People), Lugares impactantes(Impactful Places), Celebraciones impactantes (Impactful Celebrations), Historia impactante (Impactful History) and Jóvenes impactantes (Impactful Young People).

So, how does it work? Well, honestly, use it however you think would function best in your teaching context. I will, of course, talk about how I use these.

First, I Picture Talk a series of screenshots from a short video I have found. I teach Spanish, so I looked for videos in Spanish, but this same in any language.

Next, I show them the video (like a Movie Talk as discussed in Foundations, the book by Tina Hargaden). For lower levels, I use subtitles IN SPANISH to help them understand. I do try to play it once at a normal speed and then I play it again at a .75 speed. You can do this simply by using the cog on a Youtube video.

Then, I take the same pictures I used at the beginning and write some captions that use a writing level just above that of the students. I try to hit key vocabulary, if there is any.

Finally, we end with a Write and Discuss time together.

So, here is the first one:

I hope this is helpful to you! I would love to hear any feedback you might have about this series as well! I am a firm believer that two heads are always better than one, and I know there are amazing teachers who may read this and have some ideas about how we could polish it! Let me know in the comments!

RAP Time – Read, Add and Pass…A Vocab Review Activity

It is about that time of the semester when you need a break and the kids need a break, but there is still SOOOO much to cover!

I know, lately, I have been struggling with activities that keep students’ attention. It is like these past pandemic years have shortened their ability to sit and do anything for very long.

So, here is a vocabulary review activity that can get the students working together, creating a product, and you just get to monitor! It is pretty self-explanatory. YAY! (Of course, if you have any questions, please just let me know!)

I am not sure where I adapted this idea from. I know I took from a few sources over the years and really just tweaked it until it worked for my class. I hope it can work for yours too!


Happy Teaching!

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Need an EASY day? I got you!

Y’all, it has been a YEAR… and it is only October.

We could ALL use a day sometimes to give students some cultural content AND take some time when we aren’t “on.” I am in this boat with you all, so I started using some episodes of Bizarre Foods. The kids are interested, they get some valuable cultural input AND you have a lot to unpack after if you would like to extend the lesson.

So, HERE is one you can use TOMORROW in class. If you happen to find others and you would like to share, I would LOVE to have more for “those” days. LOL. Just leave a link in comments below and we can all share! Sharing is caring, and we all need to take care of each other this year.

Happy Teaching!


Incorporating Required Vocabulary

How to keep it in the Stepping Stones Framework

So, I use the Stepping Stones Curricular Framework from CI Liftoff to guide my instruction, BUUUUTTTTT I also work in a district with a required curriculum too! So, how do I make that work?

Recently, one thing I need to teach to meet district requirements is the difference between wants and needs and to review the vocabulary associated with that. So, I created a Picture Talk to do just that! This still fits into Cycle 1 Phase 2 of the Stepping Stones framework. You can get it HERE or access it in the resources tab of the blog.

Happy Teaching!

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Hispanic Heritage Month Activity

So, I created a Google Slideshow to showcase some great things about Hispanic culture. Then, I realized how much time it was going to take me to get links to all the things. LOL. So…

I made it a project! I made a copy for each class I have and assigned each student (I let some people work in pairs) a country. Their assignment was to find resources (not Wikipedia) that would teach us something about that particular thing. Then, they made them clickable and they were ready to present.

Now, as an added layer, I went a step further and had them create at least two questions from each resource they had found in a Google Form. They also had to provide a Google Doc answer key. Now, I have an amazing bank of slideshows with quizzes to accompany them. My students are still working on them, but I will definitely come back and give you guys some examples of the finished products!

Happy teaching!

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Emoji Stories – Fun for all!

Ok, it has been a while, but I am excited to share this easy, fun resource for all! EMOJI Stories!

It was inspired by Cycle 2 Phase 1 of the Stepping Stones Curricular Framework. HERE is the link. The instructions are on slide 2, but they are editable so you can level this up or down.

How do I use it? I had my students follow the instructions. For level 2, just the emojis. For upper levels and my heritage classes, I had them write in the speaker notes. Then, I randomly chose one and started telling a story using a story mountain. We used just a basic Story Mountain (setting/characters, rising action, problem, falling action, solution). The stories were HILARIOUS, engaging and we were able to make some memories together much like when we create OWIs in the classroom. I had so much fun and so did they! They are begging to do it again, which I take as a great sign. :-).

Happy teaching!

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