Logic Puzzles as Vocabulary Review (Easy to level up or down!)

Logic puzzles are so much fun! They get kids thinking and even working together, when allowed. I used to love these when I was a kid!

I made this template, and then I started thinking about how I could use this in language learning. Then, it came to me…

A MURDER MYSTERY! Like “Clue”-style! This one reviews family vocabulary, house vocabulary, common activities and prepositions of place!

I have included a Google Slides presentation with all the instructions and clues, a Case Notes Journal that can be printed or assigned digitally AND a logic puzzle grid like the one above all filled out on each side for immediate use by students.

I used this with my students to get them to review this vocabulary for the final, read and comprehend the clues AND talk with their group members in the class language. I have it on my TpT store for sale in English HERE or in Spanish HERE.

Of course, you can always use the logic puzzle frame I provided above and make your own clues to solve the “crime.” This would allow you to personalize the vocabulary and the level of the sentence clues. You can certainly just insert a text box over what I have in the slides and change it up to suit whatever you need to review!

Hope this inspires you to get them talking and working and learning! I will have this and other sets of logic puzzle activities up for sale on my TpT store later in the summer 2022, but you could certainly just use grid I have provided above. The key is low stress for you and high engagement for your students!

Happy Teaching!


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Wooly Week with Heritage Learners

So, this was Wooly Week in my Spanish 2 classes.  I decided my Heritage 1 class deserved to get in on the fun! (My Natives 2 / 3 class was presenting projects.) They really enjoyed watching the videos and participating in the activities.  I did level up some of the options to meet them at a level more appropriate for them. We work a lot on reading and writing, which can be kind of tedious, so it is important to remember to let them be kids and have fun too! 

Before we started WW, they chose their favorite Wooly character and created a whole biography and illustrated them!  I am posting some pics below.  

Then, we read Miss Nelson is Missing, an old, but good, book in Spanish. They compared and contrasted Vibra Viral with this.  It was a good comparative exercise.

Finally, I had them come up with a biography for the teacher in Vibra Viral to explain her back story some.  I was able to review some grammar struggles we have with using the preterite and imperfect during this exercise. They had a LOT of fun with this one!  I laughed out loud and was a little confused by the choices of others. 

All in all, it was a great Wooly Week for everyone!